About Us

HOPE FOUNDATION, a social institution working for the cause the education since many years particularly in the remote villages of Bihar and Jharkhand. Currently, we have 1500 members in all over India. Since we are an NGO, a nonprofit organization, our intention is to give a broad and open platform to everyone who deserves to fulfill their aspirations. In this quest, we always go ahead and to make our visions and motives more transparent and beneficial for the one who needs it the most, the associated people of our organization always come up to present something unique and different from others.

To make justice with our mission and aim, we have established over 100 Hope Study Centers in these villages, those situated far and at the outskirts of the main city of Bihar and Jharkhand in order to provide the basic education to the people including ladies, children and old ones. As, it is a universal truth that god has not blessed all of us with all the skills of life, so for them, we too have opened 20 Vocational training centers where our experts with whole dedication and with a committed attitude are working round the clock to make them enable to held their head high in the society and to live with dignity and satisfaction.

In this modern era where everyone is much vigilant about their rights and goals for the life to make a better future for them and their families, the above described remote villages of Bihar and Jharkhand, where not only thousands of people are living below poverty line, they are completely ignorant and unaware of the importance of education and the ways by which they can make this world a better place for them to live. Our organization, The HOPE FOUNDATION as it is always recognized to work from the root level and also the first one to emerge with the concept of counseling and helping the people by launching 45 Guidance and Awareness centers where our dedicated volunteers help and try to take the responsibility of nurturing the capabilities of these children which is an integral part of our educational network. These children after having the proper guidance and necessary education, later helped by the worthy team members of our society to take up various other tasks so as to generate confidence and to reach to the standards which help them to look for the right job for them which actually they are capable of doing with concentration and in a right manner.