Round-2, Super Speller-2021, Registration Details and Link of Registration

Aug 12, 2021

Congratulations !!!!! to qualify for the final round of Super Speller (Int. Spelling Bee Competition - 2021).

As the prizes for the winners (National/ International & state level) of this year's competition are already being shared with all, so no more wait......anymore!!!!!! The splendid prizes of the competition are waiting for their winners at different levels.

You will be able to download your certificate (Round-1) Super Speller (Int. Spelling Bee Competition - 2021 from 20th September 2021 (12:00 PM) onwards via our website (www.hopefoundationedu.com)

The important information to register for (Round-2) Super Speller (Int. Spelling Bee Competition 2021):-

(1) The round-2 of Super Speller (International Spelling Bee Competition 2021) will be held in the month of October-2021.

(2) This examination will be held via online mode (ONLY). Here, is the question paper format for the R-2 of the examination.

Subject        Maximum Marks            Duration (In Hr.)

English                   50                               1.5 hrs.

French                    40                               1.25 hrs.

(3) The marking scheme for the examination (Round-2) will be as follows:

Subject          Multiple Choice Ques.            Subjective Ques.

English                          30                                        20

French                           25                                        15

(4) The Preparatory E-booklet (password protected) is available for the subject (English/ ONLY) at the cost of INR 100 (For the schools located in India) & 5 USD (or equivalent INR) (for all the schools situated outside India) for the best preparation of the above said examination.

(5) The Proposed prizes for this examination had been sent to all, earlier & the description is also available on our website www.hopefoundationedu.com

(6) The registration fee for Round-2 examination is INR 140 per subject (For the Indian schools) and 5 USD (or equivalent INR) (for all the schools situated outside India).

(7) Here is the link of registration of Round-2 (Super Speller Examination 2021), Kindly Click here,  to register and participate.

Click here to register for final round Super Speller-2021

(8) Examination will be held in 2nd week of October-2021. Detailed schedule will be shared soon.