Schedule Super Speller- 2022

Aug 22, 2022

Super Speller (International Spelling Bee Competition - 2022)
1 The Examination will be held in two phases, in each phase different set of countries will participate for which the details are given in the points mentioned ahead.
2 Kindly note your date of the Examination (Group wise) carefully from the given below table. In any case, if the participant will miss the date of the examination or will not be able to give the same for any reason , he/she will be considered as absent for the day and no chance will be given to participate further in any of the round of the competition.
3 The different time slots for all the examination will be as per Indian Standard Time (IST) and is 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (IST) according to the relevant dates of the examination.
4 Your registered Email ID (as per the registration form) will be your Login ID to open the examination link.
5 The link will be available on the following given platforms from where you can access the Examination link.
Link Availabilty @ (I) In the news and events section of our website www.hopefoundationedu.com
Link Availabilty @ (II) In the description box of the latest video at Hope Foundation's YouTube channel. Please do subscribe channel fast to get the latest updates and information about the scheduled Level - 1 examination and further important updates about the competition.
6 The News and Events section of the our website www.hopefoundationedu.com is being updated regularly in connection with the important information and our ongoing & upcoming academic events. In order to remain updates, do not forget to visit the website regularly for all the updates of the various competitions.
7 It is important to notice here that due to any reason which may include unavailability of the proper gadgets, internet connectivity or any other reason will not be considered the valid reason for not giving the exam. In such cases, the foundation will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or interruption caused by the participants during or after the examination.