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About Spelling Bee

The contest aims to promote the use of our popular languages and to enhance the orthographic abilities of the students, it includes two main subjects Hindi, English. It provides a comprehensive and complete evaluation which is based on different aspects of language like vocabulary, phonetics, Dictation, Grammatical skills, analytical points and understanding of given context. The Competition is particularly framed to polish and improve the language capabilities of learners of various levels.

Hindi- It is regarded as our national and mother tongue but so far no concept has made to highlight and emphasize on the importance of learning and more importantly understanding it properly. As a result, we innovate the idea of creating an environment where all Indian students should learn and enjoy the language as equal as other global languages. The students often do not learn Hindi language in a proper manner due to the ignorant attitude around them so this contest because of its easy approach and style will be of great help to learn and use the Hindi language from the very basic aspects.

Test Paper description

For the facilitation of the students we combine the following standards each to form four groups which will be as follows:-

I I, II 







Level - 1 : This round will be of 30 marks and of 1 hour duration, in which different type of spelling based MCQ's, fill in the blanks etc will be given.

Level - 2 :  This  round will be of 50 marks and of 1 and half hour duration, in which different type of spelling based MCQ's, fill in the blanks etc will be given.

Level - 3 : This round will be arranged in an independent venue (to be decided later) in front of the panel of judges for the respective subjects. In this round four skills of language i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening will be tested in front of the panel of Judges.

Syllabus & Qualifying Criteria:

The word bank will be based on the books prescribed by CBSE/ICSE/IB and state boards. Reading good books will always enhance the vocabulary which will help a lot in round-1 and round-2.

From Level-1 to Level-2:- All those who obtains 50% of the total marks i.e. 15 marks in level-1 will qualify for level-2.

From Level-2 to Level-3:- All those who obtains Zonal Rank up to 15 will be qualified for final round.

Sample & Previous year papers:

A Glance at Prizes:


The salient features of our awards are as under:

3rd Round prizes:-

15 - INR75,000 (From each group):- Winner
15 - INR 51,000 (From each group):- Runner Up
125 - INR 1500  (From Rank 3-7) as consolation prizes. 

All other finalists will get the exciting gift hampers from HOPE FOUNDATION along with medals & certificates of excellence.

(i) Apart from the Winners, Runner Up & Consolation prizes all other finalist appearing in the 3rd round will get a gift hamper comprises of IPODs, MP3 Players, Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth speakers and Wrist-watches etc. along with certificate of excellence as per the rank of students.

In addition to the above mentioned goodies, Best paintings of our renowned event (SAVE ENVIRONMENT SAVE EARTH) selected by our respected jury members will be bestowed to each finalist.  
(ii) Apart from the awards given to our winners the teacher co-coordinator and school will get Best Mentor Award-2020 (Hindi) and Best performance school- 2020 (Hindi)  along with surprise gift hampers.

  • 2nd Round prizes: Certificates, Medals, surprise gift hamper & entrance ticket for 3rd round bearing all the details (Rules and Regulations) will be awarded to all top three rank holders (group wise) from each zone & all other will get certificate of participation. 

The Appreciation Certificates will be given to the teacher coordinators along with Mementos of excellence (for schools)  by HOPE FOUNDATION.

  • 1st Round prizes: Since it is a qualifying round, all the participating candidates will get the certificate of participation from HOPE FOUNDATION.

Dates & Venue:

Registration Period: - On or before 28th July 2020.

  • 1st Round: Decide any date in 4th week of September 2020 to organize the competition in the respective participating schools.

  • 2nd Round: To be conducted zone wise by 4th week of November 2020 (Exact dates & schedule will be communicated later after declaration of result.)

  • 3rd Round: To be communicated later.

Venue for level-1 & level-2 will be respective participating school premises and for final round it will be a neutral venue to be decided and communicated later after level-2.

(Note: - All the winter bound Schools are requested to choose dates to conduct various levels of examination & inform about the schedule to the management of the foundation).


Due to the inconvenience caused by the postal and couriers formalities, we strongly recommend you to send us all the relevant details of the students and the school via E- mail only or directly upload to the link given in our website. For the same, we are suggesting you to follow the simple steps to register your students as mentioned below:


Round-1:- INR 150 INR 550
Round-2:- INR 250 INR 850

In each round, INR 20 ( 50 in case of foreign schools) can be retained to meet the miscellaneous expenditure.

STEP-1 Download School and Students registration form from the attachments sent with the notification or download from the website www.hopefoundationedu.com. 

STEP-2 Take the nominations from the students and fill the relevant entries into the downloaded students registration forms.

(Handwritten and scanned copies of the student’s registrations forms will not be accepted) 

STEP-3 Deposit the collected amount in the account whose details are mentioned above.  

STEP-4 Fill up all the details in the school’s registration form, get it attested by the principal and send us the scanned copy of the same as attachments via mail at:-

hopefoundation35@gmail.com   OR  info@hopefoundationedu.com


Procedure For Collection Of Registration Fees

  • The required fee for per student is to be collected by the school from each participant and school shall retain INR 20 (INR 50, In case of foreign schools) per student of amount collected towards miscellaneous & administrative expenses.
  • Registration fee can be deposited/ transferred by cash/Cheque/Demand Draft/ RTGS/NEFT in the following  account numbers.

1. Account no. 226102000000259, Name, Hope Foundation, Indian Overseas Bank, IFSC Code-IOBA0002261, SWIFT CODE-IOBANINBB997, Najafgarh, Delhi.  

1. Account no. 90441010022108, Name: SPELL EDUWIS PRIVATE LIMITED, Syndicate Bank,  IFSC Code-SYNB0009044, Nehru place,  New Delhi.

In case of cheque or demand draft it will be, 
In favor of HOPE FOUNDATION, payable at New Delhi. 


In favor of SPELL EDUWIS PRIVATE LIMITED, payable at New Delhi. 

  • No cash payments are accepted. 

NOTE: Kindly download the poster of the competition from the attachments to be put on the notice boards.